Mom’s Night In

Moms love being moms… most of the time 😉 and they love being around their families too… but some of the time… they just need a little “me/ alone” time to recharge, am I right? There may have been a few times over the years, when my hubby and kids have asked me what I wanted for a holiday gift, and my response was, “I just want a night to myself”…and as selfish as that sounds, I don’t think it’s rare or a bad thing for moms to feel this way from time to time… and so when you need a night to yourself to rejuvenate, or reward yourself for surviving a long week of work, kids, marriage, life… I say ~ do it up right and really plan a night of it! Have your hubby, grandma, or a friend occupy your kids for the evening and then take some time for you… this Mother’s Day or any day of the week you feel you need it! Here is a little inspiration for one way I like to enjoy a peaceful, self-caring, time-to-myself “mom’s night in” to unwind, breathe, relax, and reward myself for all I do at one of the hardest jobs I’ve ever known… being a Mom.

1st… start with a relaxing Bath… Set the mood for yourself… dim the lights, light some scented candles, pour a glass of your favorite wine, grab a good book, drop a relaxing Bath Bomb in the hot, steaming water, play some of your favorite tunes.. then get in the tub, breathe deep breaths in and out, and reeellllaaaxxx your body, mind, spirit, and the night away…

After you’ve enjoyed your nice, long, relaxing bath and are feeling totally zen, continue your “Mom’s Night In” with some alone time in your own bedroom.. by yourself, with no other people.. in the peace and quiet. In preparation for this, I always have fresh sheets on my bed (because is there anything better than having a bath and getting into bed with clean sheets?)… and make myself a bedside tray of relaxing goodness…. a book, a journal and pen, scented candle, a few light snacks, my sleep tincture, and of course… more wine… because Mama needs her some wine! Put your hair up, put on some soft, silky pjs and robe, and snuggle in to enjoy a quiet, relaxing, peaceful evening reading, sipping & snacking until your eyes get heavy and you are ready to fall softly to sleep… putting yourself to bed after a night of self-care, to wake up, ready to care for everyone else in your life again.

And ladies… that is how you enjoy a “Mom’s Night In” Gift to yourself… it didn’t take a lot of money or an elaborate trip or night out… just a little planning, a few snacks, a bottle of wine, and enjoying some deserved time to yourself, in your own home, without interruption, to just relax, rest, and revive your spirit.. try it sometime, you definitely deserve it! Happy Mother’s Day to all you mamas! <3

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